Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Life isn't THAT Simple.

Simplicity is SIMPLE. But LIFE isn't just that SIMPLE.

   Yeah, I know, I'm just 18. I don't know what's the real meaning of life yet. I don't really know how awful the world is outside there, yet! At least, I've tasted a bit of it already, during these 18 years of living. =)

   Sometimes, you just can't figure out what's best for yourself, until you've gone through those wrong roads. Life is to learn. To learn from mistakes and trying best not to repeat it. But, of course, if there's someone to guide you, i.e. your parents, you will most probably never go through the wrong, learning pathway. Haaa. Neither it's a bad thing, nor a good one. It has its own pros and cons. Hee.

P/S : I'm crapping here. Just ignore this post, if you are annoyed by it. Aha! ;P

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