Monday, 15 November 2010

Seb the Ultimate F1 Champion! ;DDD

YESSSS! Finally. Seb won the Abu Dhabi GP, and also the 2010 F1 Championship! After being the first runner up last year, SEBASTIAN VETTEL aka Seb won this year's! Yeaaaaayyyyyy! ;))) Thank you for NOT putting my trust and franticness of you to waste. Love you Seb! Hahahaha. :D

   23 years old, and he's the youngest F1 driver ever to win a championship. Lewis' record was broken, as Seb is 6 months younger than Lewis. Heee. I'm proud of Seb!!! Way to go RedBull, congratulations! Alonso came in second and Webber third. Pity that Alonso didn't perform well yesterday. *Jgn marah SasJoe* Hehehe. :P

   Yes, I'm an official F1 Freak. Who says a girl can't be one? Weird, I know. I get that weird comments from almost everyone. So, what? I am me. Duhhh. I'm one in a million! Ahaha. I feel very special right now. xP Nahhh. Just joking. ;P Formula 1 is a High Class sports. Unlike football! Duhhh. :PPP

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