Sunday, 13 March 2011


One word :: Relieved. =')! Life is getting a lot more tougher, more complicated. Problems often pops-out from nowhere, and stresses you out. Sometimes we think we have the worst life ever in this world, but we do not realize how much others envy our precious life. Be appreciative and you'll be appreciated. ;D

   Okay. Enough of the life-enriching quotes. Lets move on to my usual drill. =D

   Life has been crazily hectic ever since the new semester kicked off. It has only been a month that I have not return home, but homesickness had already got its way into me. With an interview coming right up next week and those piles of assignments and revisions line-up, I have no choice but to set aside this homesick feeling. Time plays a very important part in my life right now. Yes, I realize how limited of time I have each day, yet, I tend to waste it.

   "Priorities Aisha, Priorities.", says Suf. Thanks Suf. =) Sometimes, I seem to forget what ARE my priorities in life. Remind yourself always of your priorities in life. =)

P/S : GOOD LUCK to my fellow Pre-Meds friends, in next week's Irish Interview. Insya-Allah, we'll get through this! Amin. ;D

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