Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I don't know what is it with me today, but I'm going nuts. Ahaha. Perhaps another hyperactivity in the BRAIN??? Lolz. This is the side-effect. Side-effect of something. I'm in a very very very unstable state right now. In fact, my whole human body is unstable, from head to toe. Gosh. That sounds a little hyperbolic, yeah. Haha.

   Anyway, today is Awal Muharam. So, lets stop all the crap kay? HAPPY ISLAMIC NEW YEAR, peeps! ;) Looking forward for a fabulous life ahead. Heh? Fabulous is the wrong word. It should just be, GREAT. I'm crapping again. Hehe. Excuse me of all these crap-ness. Huhu.

   Okay. Okay. Lets be serious again. I'm trying to pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle of my LIFE. Just give me a couple of weeks' time, and I'll be the normal "Aisha" back. Insya-Allah. Amin.


P/S : I'm pretty much homesick. =.= I wana go back ASAP! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ='(

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