Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Jobs pouring like rain.

I've got myself a job as a data entry clerk in a company. That is a great thing, as it's my first job. So far, the job makes me restless and of course, it's experience enriching. I've already mastered the huge photocopy machine, and well, the company's software. Okay. This is what happened on the first day of work.
   I went out early in the morning, to avoid traffic jams in KL. I arrived at MC around 7.45am. I've went up to see my new boss. Apparently, she came at 9am and I've to wait for her. In the meantime, I went to the cafe. I started work. Then, suddenly my hp rang. I've got a call from an employer of one of the 30++ jobs I've applied for in jobstreet.com. About a few minutes after that, I've got another two calls from other employers. The weird thing is, when I was struggling finding a job, there wasn't a single job for me. And now that I'm working, jobs seem to pour onto me.
   Anyway, this job is going to end this friday, because it's a temporary job introduced by my bro. I'm going to work at TS starting next week on 18Jan-23Feb. The pay is a satisfactory. So, I've decided to take up on this job. I'm going to be a promoter for cheongsam, as the chinese new year is approaching near. Lolz. It sounds very weird. CheongSam??! I'm sure this work will give me more restless days, as it's from 10am-10pm.
   To friends whom wanna check me out at work. You can come to the concourse level and find me at one of the booths there. Hehehex. I'll be working non-stop 18-23. No off day! XD! Be sure to buy one of the clothings. Hahahax.

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