Thursday, 14 January 2010

The weighing scale will increase soon. :D

I'm underweight, as my friends know it. Lolz. Since I've started work last week, I've ate more than I usually do back then in school. I wonder what's happening to me. Perhaps, I've got my long lost appetite back! Hehex. Every single day after work, I'll grab some junk food to munch on, eg Ice-Cream & Chocolate Bars! @.@ I think I'll be broke soon. Wonder why I say this? Hmm. I'm starting to have the urge of buying things that are expensive and branded. It's not like, I've worked for years and have lots of saving. :P! So, I must, MUST, contol, myself . Avoid shopping malls! Hehex.

   Anyways, I was in the midst of checking out about fashion. So, I've found this one useful site to assist me in fashion! Check this out :! ^.^

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