Friday, 15 January 2010

Job Issue!

Okay. First, I've search everywhere for jobs for weeks already. I've got jobs. Then, I've agreed to choose a job among the offers I've received. Next, *boosh*. My parents suddenly disagree with my decision, and I had to inform the employer in a short time notice. Why? The reason is, the work hours are too long la, scared I'll be cheated la, and bla bla bla... I don't know what my parents really want from me! Arghh! They are just being over-protective! I can't even buy my own phone with my own money. I wonder, when will they see me as an adult and let me have some space for learning? Then, when will I have the chance to taste LIFE, and grow up, be independent??

  What I have to now do is, find a job that could satisfy my parents to the max, instead of satisfying myself?! Duhhh. I'm really pissed off. At least, if they want to disagree, please do it earlier la, not on the last minute. This causes trouble to people okay! So, friends, give me jobs! XE!

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