Sunday, 24 January 2010

Yesterday was great!

Me, my sisters, my eldest bro and my soon-to-be sister in law went for a whole day outing. MAPCU-MQA Education Fair at Mid Valley. Hmm, it was kinda cool. At least, I managed to get some explanation from KYUEM, the college where I wana enter. As it is the college which focuses only on A-Levels for scholars from big organizations as JPA and MARA, that prepares undergraduates to top universities in UK, US and Australia.

   Anyway, after that, we went to eat at McD. Then, we did a little window shopping. Next, we headed to KLCC for shopping time. Hehex. I bought a pair of office trousers, for my soon-to-get job. :P Hope to get that job. For dinner, we went to the usual steak house we always go to, in Kg. Baru. I would say, yesterday was kinda cool, cause we did alot of camwhore, everywhere, especially in the car! Hahax. :D

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