Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Okay. Since I'm still job-hunting now, why don't I join a society or something to fill up my boring time. Hmm? *tink* All of a sudden, this idea pop out of my brain. Why not, I join an organisation doing voluntary jobs? Not bad. Now, my job is to find a suitable organisation to join and do some nobel thingy. Hehex. I suppose, by doing stuff, like helping people, would help myself gain some or a little knowledge about the other side of the world, that I've never got a chance to know of. So, friends, who wana join me, being a volunteer in Malaysia's Red Crescent Society?

   But. WAIT! Am I fit for the job? I heard, volunteers must be very healthy and have an ideal weight. Lolz. I'm underweight! I've to eat up! Eat, eat, eat. Hahax. :D

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