Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What do you think?

I strongly think that there is a need for the government to revamp the way students are selected into IPTA and local matriculation programme. :D

   I believe, 100% meritocracy system should be implemented to assure the fairness to the people of Malaysia. Perhaps an exception could be given to a few universities, such as, UiTM, UIA, and USIM. But, other universities, they should consider opening their doors to non-bumis too. The students have worked hard in achieving excellent results in SPM. As you could see now, Asasi programmes, most of them are exclusively for bumis only. Why do this? To protect the superiority of the Bumiputras? How can 1Malaysia work, if this still goes on?

   We want Malaysia's education system to be one of the tops in the world. So, opening more doors for non-bumis are one of the ways to make Malaysia an excellent education hub in Asia or maybe the World. Competitions will be stronger, and students will work harder to achieve their dreams and excel in exams. This way, our nation's economics will eventually rise, as more investors will invests in our country, especially in education. Everyone have a right to receive the best education the could possibly get. Not all non-bumis are rich and not all the bumis are poor, either. So, be considerate about the rakyat. :D

   Let's be open minded. I am a Bumiputra. But, I am Chinese Educated since primary school. So, that is why I understand how they, the non-bumis, feel. I'm not saying the bumis should not receive the superiority, as we are the original people of Malaya, they deserve the special rights, yea! But we should practise values of equalities, like what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did in Makkah, to the non-Arabs, and non-muslims.  Insya-Allah. I wish we Malaysians could live in a harmony and peaceful environment. Peace, no war, no arguments, no fighting! :D

1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now.

P/S : I am just a student, portraying my opinions. If you do not agree with my ideas, then, its fine. I don't mind. I'm just suggesting a way to improve our country's performance, that's all. Don't sue me! Hahax. XD!

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