Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm still stuck at HOME! :O

More than half of my friends have already started their college life. I'm still stuck at home, playing the comp all day long, stalking on JPA's site. Lolz.

   Am I going to end up in UM, after all? Haiz. 23rd is 2 weeks away. That is the day I'll enroll myself in UM. Heard the orientation week will be HELL of a tough one. Hopes I'll not get any bullying from the seniors there. Hahax. Hope so. :X

   I haven't actually completed my UM forms, medical checkups, X-rays (almost every year I did this! Too much radiation in me already!) , new passport sized pictures, and preparations to enter a University, mentally and physically. Lolz.

   Anyway, to those going to PASUM, this 23rd, here's a schedule for us. Classes, Exams, and Holidays. (Got it from Fb.)

   Summary, 1 week of Orientation, 34 weeks of Classes, 5 weeks of Exams, 6 weeks of Holidays, and in total, 1 year to complete this programme. ;D Good Luck!

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