Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Nothing to write on. Hmm. Sadly, I've run out of ideas. Lolz. :-/

   Let's see, what do I have in mind right now. Hmmph. Searching... Searching... Searching... AHA! Lets talk about my cats and kittens, shall we?

   Currently, my house is a home to 4 kittens, 1 semi-adult cat, and an adult cat. Not to forget, a new member of the cat family, a baby cat, which was adopted a few weeks ago by mum and dad, as it was meowing in front of our gate. Hehex. :D

   I cannot handle them alone, need my mum. Whenever my parents are outstation, I'm so so so DEAD! Because, I have to feed them, take care of them, clean up the mess and trouble they had created and so on. No mum, no peace at home. This is a very true statement! Try it, if you don't believe me. Let your mum go for a holiday for a month, and see, how good can you handle the house with a bunch of naughty cats. Lolz.

   If you want to view pictures of them, kindly go to my fb and scroll through my albums. If you aren't on my friends' list, add me up. Hehex. :D

P/S : By the way, I did wrote a post on my cats, previously. Kindly view my previous posts to search for it, yea. Hehe. :D

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