Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Most Nerve-Wreaking Moments, Tomorrow!

So, finally, JPA gave us the confirm date of the PILN results, 21st May 2010. Sometime around the afternoon/evening. The guy whom picked up my call, wasn't really sure what time it will be released. And there will not be any notice on eSilav2 today, no peringatan, no nothing. We have to check it tomorrow onwards. I think it will most probably be out after 12pm or later. Because, last year, they could only access the page at 5pm or 11pm. So, late, huh?!

   Wish all my pals and other JPA applicants, GOOD LUCK! Insya-Allah. Amin. Let's pray hard we'll get it. :)

P/S : I did not do any single work I was suppose to do, today. My bro told me to wait until tomorrow and see whether I'll get JPA or not. The stuff have to be submitted on Monday, on the Haluansiswa week. I'm sure, UM will understand the delay. Hehex. :D

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