Monday, 17 May 2010

F1 Monaco GP.

RedBull Racing has done it again. Another 1-2 finish of the season. Unfortunately, Mark Webber stole the spotlight twice from Seb! Maybe he has got a better luck this time around. I hope Seb's luck will change to a better one. Hee.

   Not much drama yesterday. Surprisingly, Lewis didn't created any excitement in this circuit, as he usually does. Safety Car were deployed 4 times, Jenson Button had smoke coming out from his car on lap 3, Karun Chandhok and Jarno Trulli crashed right infront of Mark Webber (Lolz.), and the last two/three final laps were leaded by Safety Car. Schumi was penalized for overtaking Alonso during SC was deployed, so he was downgraded from 6th to 12th, sad to hear that. Mark leaded Seb, Kubica, Massa, Lewis, Alonso, Nico, and so on.

   What excited me the most was, the fact that, two Virgin Racing drivers and Lotus GP fought to not let Alonso through them. Indeed, Alonso was pissed off! He was signaling them with his hand during the race, asking them to move aside, and let him go through! Maybe he thinks, they aren't good enough and their cars are not on par with Ferrari? But, finally he did overtook them. He is one of the drivers I dislike, because he is one impatient, overconfident, rude, and wants to be number one in everything. Duhhh. Snobbish ass. And the fact that he always argues with his teammates, Lewis back then, and now with Massa. He thinks he is so great in driving, huh?

   Next race, Istanbul, Turkey. 28-30 May. Wish Seb and RBR, All the best! Grab the pole position Seb, don't let Mark take your place as this year's World Champion! ;D

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