Sunday, 30 May 2010

Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS), a week of happy ending.

This is a summary of the MHS week, at UM. 23 May - 28 May 2010.

   The early few days, seemed so dull and boring, with us getting so much scolding and pressure from the PPs (Pembantu Pelajar, the seniors). As time went by, we were all happy and satisfied. Only in the end finally, we understood why they gave us this kind of treatment, it is for our own good. Thanks PPs! We love you!

   Overall, I would say, UM has the best Orientation week ever! Even though, we never had enough sleep even once this week, but, I'm sure, this is the best training for us, as we have to burn the midnight oil as soon as the lectures, tutorials, and practicals starts.

   Hope all of us could do our very best in achieving 4.0 flat in both Semesters! Insya-Allah. ;D

Lecture Time Table for the first 2 weeks. Good Luck. I'm in Hayat 1. :)

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