Friday, 13 August 2010

4th day in ACMS, Penang. ;)

I was really college-sick up to the 3rd day. Duhhh. Who won't be, if you've received such a short notice and had to leave your friends just like THAT? Plus, I've never been out of KL, and stayed in a hostel far away from home, what more PENANG??? I guess, this is one of the learning curves in life that I'll have to learn starting from now on. No more spoon-feeding, no more mama's & papa's daughter here in Penang. I'll learn to be on my own, independent. ;D

   I promise myself, Insya-Allah, I'll hit my 4.0 target here and do my very best in getting into either UCC or NUIG. Insya-Allah, I'll leave this dead town Kepala Batas, Penang. Argh. >.

   At the same time, I'm grateful that I've receive a good offer, a challenging one of course, maybe because it's new. Duhhh. Fine. Fine. Alhamdulillah anyway. :)

   By the way, I'm staying in a town-house (a 2 storey house, but each storey has its own doors.), I'm in the 2nd storey!, with 3 rooms. My housemates are niceeeee. Thank God. ;D Come to 1-15-B, Lorong Indera Putera 4, Putra Villas, Bertam, 13200 Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang and you'll find me! Hehe. I travel to college by bus, the shuttle bus provided by ACMS. This is because our college is 6km+ away from the hostel. And I have to walk alot here, because the shoplots are quite far away from the hostel. But, nah nevermind. I LOVE WALKING! Ehehe. :P

   What I can say for now is, I'm still trying to cope and fit into this new environment. Insya-Allah I'll get use to it soon. Although, deep inside my heart, I'm still missing PASUM. Hmmm. :-/ Changes are needed sometime, so, I'm willing to make a change to my life. Insya-Allah it'll go right, and it's the best way for me to achieve my ambition of being an ENT specialist. I've to forget about Engineering, I guess. But, But, But! I still am an F1 FREAK! =D That fact would not change forever! I love F1!

   Okay. Last words before I get ready to class today. Selamat berpuasa! Don't miss terawih, guys! It's a holy month, so let's maximize our ibadah, let's get closer to Allah, the One and Only God, Esa. ;DDD

To my PASUM friends, I miss you all! I'll come back soon and visit you, don't you all worry. ;)))

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