Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Chronicles of Chocolates & Donuts.

When stress comes, it involves Chocolates and Donuts. Haha. Having crazy craves for both right now. Puasa! As I've said before, I'm a chocoholic and now comes the new term, DONUT-HOLIC. Duhhh. Ever since the Ramadhan Bazaar is here, I've bought Donuts each and everyday. Trying not to, but, but, but, as soon as I get a sight of donuts, hoho, buying them could not be an exception. Lolz. My house-mates knows I'm a donut-holic. Haha. :P

   Didn't slept the whole night yesterday only until after Sahur and Subuh. Time flew, as I was chatting with those night-owls friends of mine on FB. Only managed to get 3 hours of sleep and the consequences of that? Getting myself sick. Feeling feverish right now. Duh. :(

   Non-stop consumption of chocolates yesterday night, as I was a bit stressed out on an issue in my head. Plus, I've workloads to settle by the end of this weekend. Lab reports, and Bio test is next Monday. Gosh. I didn't even touch the newly photocopied Bio notes, and Mrs. Tanu is giving me headache most of the time in lectures. All this adds up to my stress level, making me even tension. Duhhh. =S!

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