Friday, 27 August 2010

Penang! Huhu. ;D

I'm back in KL! Yeay! Finally, my homesickness has ended. Woohoo. I miss my family, my cats, my friends in PASUM and UM! ;D

   Just arrived home a couple of hours ago, and here I am, excited to blog about yesterday's adventure in  Penang, although I had no enough sleep in the superfast-supercold Transnasional express bus. Hahaha. Okay, let me describe it one by one.

   Me and 2 of my housemates were boarding the late night buses, so we decided to do a short tour in Penang in the evening. And guess what? I hit the beach! Beaches excites me much. Hee. :D We took the ferry from Butterworth to the Penang Island. Then, we headed to Batu Feringghi by RapidPenang bus. Wee~! Yes, Yes, I'm a very adventurous girl. You can put me anywhere in the world, give me a few days time, I guarantee you, I'll explore the whole place and try to master it. All thanks to my dad's so-called army training. Hee. Last two weeks, I went to Queensbay Mall and Prangin Mall all by myself, alone. It's no big deal to me, as I love to shop and survey on places alone. Easier that way. ;D

   Anyway, Batu Feringghi is freaking awesome man! Beautiful, turquoise-colored sea and the white, fine sand that lies along the beach, had really excite me, as soon as I got there. ;))) I'll try parachuting and horse-riding in Batu Feringghi one day, when I've accumulate enough savings to do so. Both aren't cheap activities, you know. Lolz.

   Now, here's the pictures of the beautiful and famous beach of Batu Feringghi and the gals. :D

   And we went to see my bro to breakfast together in Penang. We had KFC. Hehehe. :P After that, we rushed back to Penang Central to catch our buses. Hee. ;D

The End. ;)

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