Saturday, 11 December 2010


This is just some random post, early in the morning. Nothing special about this DATE, okay. Don't make assumptions just because I've placed a "" right beside it. Aha!

   Yesterday, I really had fun umpiring the PMA badminton tournament aka friendly-match. It was totally exhausting to both play and umpire at the same time, but I manage to do it anyway. I lost to Kom and Nimrat on the very first match, but never mind, I know what are my weakness yesterday. ;)

   I've lost count on how many games have I umpired, around 4-5 sets, probably? Heh. I'm not so sure. Anyway, I enjoyed it. So, the afford was worth it. I'm glad I've volunteered to accept the job. At least, I've gained some experience in umpiring. :D

   Thanks to the organizers for setting up such a great event, the players for the entertainment, my fellow friends and the POM POM girls! And not forgetting my fellow umpires. Hope more of these kind of events to be organized soon. At least it could reduce the boredom in this lonely place called PV. Ahaha. :P

   My body has started to ache, and i'm having my so-called "Normal Headache" thingy right now . And I've to cancel my plan to the talk at college today. Sorry. Hee. That's all for now. Have to start my revision for the Physics test next week. Signing off. Tata. :)

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