Thursday, 30 December 2010


Have you ever felt lonely. Lonesome? Have you ever felt the whole world is just slipping away from you. Your friends, your family and so on.

   Sometimes, I just have this kinda feeling of being neglected, ignored and bla bla bla by people. I do not wish to get attention all the time. I'm not an attention seeker. Owh please! I just need someone to care, at least to ask, how am I doing. But, never mind. I'll just get use to this kinda feeling soon.

   I'm not that quite important in this world, right? Hmmm. Never mind! I'll just pretend I don't really care. =.=

P/S : I'm emotionally unstable again. The cause of this emo-ness? GASTRIC! Duhhh. Okay. My fault for not taking good care of my eating schedule. Fine. Fine. Blame it on me. -.-

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