Saturday, 18 December 2010

December's Ending.

Time had surely FLOWN! It's already the 18th of December. And the year is about to end soon. 2011 is just 2 weeks away. Gosh. Can I just be 18 forever and not grow up into adulthood??? I wanna be a TEENAGER forever! I wanna feel young and awesome forever! I wanna live this teenage dream forever! Ahaha. xD

   Anyways. After almost 3 weeks of not leaving this dead town of KB, I finally had the chance to leave the house and go for a SHOP in a MALL, today! Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Prai. (Apart from the Kailan Complex which isn't practically called a mall) Hahaha. At least I did get the chance to release some of my tensions and stress. And the most important of all is McDonald!!!

   Well. You see. There's seriously ZERO outlets of McD here in KB. KFC & Secret Recipe is the only famous fast food around this area. Plus, I DON'T HAVE A LICENCE & A CAR TO WANDER AROUND THIS AREA. Duhhh. So, you must understand the level of craziness and cravings I have for my favourite McD (since, ermm...The last time I was back in KL?? That was like, 4 weeks ago? Heh?!). Today, I finally had do away those cravings. I've finally got my SPRITE and my burger. Woohoo. It surely had elevated the spirit in me once again. Huhu. ;) Thank you McD! Ahaha. xP

   Okay. While I was enjoying my McD lunch, I did day dreamed a little. Owh, perhaps that's just some normal stuff I always randomly do all the time. Ahaha. What was going through my mind this evening? Let me tell you bits of it. =)

   Lately, I've been reading on a motivational book entitled "How to get from where you are, to where you want to be" by Jack Canfield. So far, I've read up to chapter 6. I'm kinda slow in finishing books. Forgive me.  Hee. =D So, what has this book got to do with my day dream?? Heh? Haha.

   After reading a few sections of the book, it had made me realize something. Something crucially important to me. To my life. I've notice that every bit of me had changed. My style. My attitude. My way of thinking. Just EVERYTHING about ME has changed. I'm not so sure it has changed for the better or worst. Because right now, I really can't really differentiate well between these two. Sometimes, I just feel that I don't understand myself well enough. And nobody does too. Duhhh.

   Besides that, I've learnt from that book that I have to get that INDEPENDENT AISHA backkkkk! I want that girl back. I don't want the "daddy girl Aisha" no more! Ishhhh. I constantly get this homesickness here in Penang. While back then in PASUM, I was not this critically homesick! Duhhh. Perhaps, you could say PJ and Ampang is only a few kilometres away, but still! I was more hardworking and focused there in PASUM. Not here, not right now. Argh!

   Hurm. I guess, a change has to take place, in order for us to evolve through life. To create an EVOLUTION of LIFE! ;) I'll just work my best on altering these few changes in me towards the better, perhaps. =)

P/S : This post is crappy long, dude! Haha. If you could manage finishing reading it, then you are one determined person. And one determined STALKER! Ahaha. xPPP Thank you for you determination dude. =)

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