Monday, 20 December 2010

GREAT spirit, girl! (dedicated to Harishah!) =)

I respect you very much, girl! ;)
I can't imagine how you managed to overcome that big resistance in you to delete your fb account. I just can't seem to quite gather that much courage to delete my account. Huhuhu.

The very moment I saw this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, I'll just hit the "HOME" button back. I just can't leave facebook! Argh. Yeah, I admit it's very very very distracting. It constantly distract me out of my main focus right now - My Studies! But.... I have to have something that could DISTRACT me away from my tensions and stress. And fb is one of it. I know all this is not quite right, but still, I.... Hurm. =/

   Okay. I really need help right now. Or else, I'm turning psycho!!!


Harishah Halim said...

dear aisya, may Allah gives u the strength. i cannot handle my fb anymore, nor myself. that's why i decided to delete my account. lol. but if u think u can manage ur time and still put ur focus on studies, no need to do like that dear :)

just wanna share with u this link:


iCeY 'AiShA said...

Hey! Thanks for the link. It has somehow made me think about all of these all over again. =)