Assalamualaikum. =)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Do you know who is most generous? God is the Most Generous, then I am most generous to mankind, and the most generous people after me will be those who will acquire knowledge and then disseminate it. They will come on the Day of Resurrection singly, like a ruler."

Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 93

Monday, 20 December 2010

GREAT spirit, girl! (dedicated to Harishah!) =)

I respect you very much, girl! ;)
I can't imagine how you managed to overcome that big resistance in you to delete your fb account. I just can't seem to quite gather that much courage to delete my account. Huhuhu.

The very moment I saw this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, I'll just hit the "HOME" button back. I just can't leave facebook! Argh. Yeah, I admit it's very very very distracting. It constantly distract me out of my main focus right now - My Studies! But.... I have to have something that could DISTRACT me away from my tensions and stress. And fb is one of it. I know all this is not quite right, but still, I.... Hurm. =/

   Okay. I really need help right now. Or else, I'm turning psycho!!!


Harishah Halim said...

dear aisya, may Allah gives u the strength. i cannot handle my fb anymore, nor myself. that's why i decided to delete my account. lol. but if u think u can manage ur time and still put ur focus on studies, no need to do like that dear :)

just wanna share with u this link:


iCeY 'AiShA said...

Hey! Thanks for the link. It has somehow made me think about all of these all over again. =)