Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Choosing Life.

Sometimes. We just don't get to choose what kind of Life we live. Life chooses us. =)

    I am already on my way, on learning to accept the new me. Trying to fit in very well to my newly adapted life. Trying to let go of my pasts. Yeah, it's hard indeed. That part of letting go is very very very tough. The toughest part of all.

   Often do I think of running away from these so called, Life-Enriching-Problems. But, as its name says it all, it's LIFE-ENRICHING! So, running away from it won't solve, nor will it clear the issues away. Running away are what cowards do. And I'm definitely not one! Duhhh.

   Recently, I've been hit by a few constant thoughts on myself. I, myself, had notice my drastic changes. My dramatic change in attitude, the way I communicate, people perception towards me, and the most important of all, is LAZINESSS. All the listed changes includes both the positive and negative turning points. Life is all about changing, right? Okay, I've changed!

   Yes, I do notice some of the people around me are starting to not like me. But, SO WHAT!? I am just changing into me, the new me. Perhaps some of you would have bad impressions on me, not liking the way I present myself, or the way I talk or, maybe my attitudes. Okay, let me tell you this. I can't satisfy every single one of you, I can't make everyone like me, but I've tried my best to be JUST ME! You have 3 choices :

1. Either to just accept me the way I am.
2. You could try talking to me, try telling me what you THINK should be done to improve myself. I'm open enough to receive CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
3. You could just walk away from my life, ignoring me.

   Of all the 3 choices, I prefer the second choice. I am just being human, and no human in this world is as perfect as Rasulullah S.A.W.. So, there is still a lot of room for me to improve on myself. I'm just 18 years old, for God sake! There's still a loooooong way to go in Life. Insya-Allah. =)

P/S : I am really sorry to whoever I've unintentionally hurt. But, I just hate it when people bad-mouth about me. I JUST HATE BACK-STABBERS! Duhhh.

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