Friday, 24 December 2010

Awesome! ;)

I AM BACK IN KL! Huhuhuhu. I'm Homeeeeee! ;)

   Yes. I am super-duper-hyper happy today! Weee~! Went back to UM to meet my friends. Miss you all, bros and babes. =)

   Though I know I have to sometimes move on, but this attached kinda feeling isn't just going to go away just like that. Never mind. At least, I am happy with this kinda life. Life still goes on. But, there are things which you can't and won't really let go of in life. Hee.

   Let me just be me. I am fully satisfied with my current life. Alhamdulillah. Through the thick and thins so far, I've learnt a lot about life. Thank you to all of you! I appreciate every single thing that has happened to me. Every thing happened for a reason. Thanks. =D

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