Friday, 6 May 2011


Okay. I've always wanted to blabber on this topic. Since I'm not THAT sleepy YET and I have a bit of a time right now, so I chose to spend a little time to write on this now. Hee. =)

   Manners. I will just talk on the things I hate seeing people do, the things related to manners, respect towards the others, attitude. =)
   Poor manners. I hate to encounter upon people who wants something from another person, but he/she can't seem to get his/her butts off the chair, to get up, and walk towards the other person to get the favor. Instead, that LAZY person will kinda "instruct" the other person to come to them. I just hate seeing this happen all the time. Lazy bumps, please lah weh! If you want something, don't expect the others to come to you. Go get yourself whatever you wish for. Diamonds don't just drop from the sky okay? Walking in such a short distance could at least metabolize some of your fats. HAHA. :P

   Poor attitude. I also hate it when people touch or take my things WITHOUT my permission. Is it that darn hard for you to wait, open your mouth and ask for a person's permission? Huh? Ever heard of the term "respect to people's stuff"??? (especially personal stuffs!) And, and, and.... I hate it when my stuff gets messed up by someone else. Yes, I love arranging things up, neatly, in order. My stuffs, my way okay? Duhhh.

   That's it for now. These are the few things I hate. Take note okay. Sometimes, I too get a little fussy on stuffs. Who doesn't right? =)

P/S : This is general. This does not relate to anyone. Chillax. ;D

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