Monday, 23 May 2011

Plans ahead.

Okay. I'm still suck in PV right now. Still waiting for my parents to bring me back home. =.='''

   Never mind that for now.

   So, I am no more bound to any program right now. No more hectic study schedules and classes. Relaxed mind and body. Yeah!!! Resting, hibernating. BUT, hold on! A too relaxed environment destroys me. Argh. I'm bored. Everyone is at home already, I'm still here. I emphasize it again, I'm BORED! =(((

   Figured out to think out of the boredom and think ahead of the free time in KL. The things to do when I reach home. Yeah. At least I have something to sort out of, rather than to rot here in my room, doing nothing but to face this lappie the whole day. Plain boring. =.='''

   Here's my plan. First of all, I would want to register for a driving class and get a car driving license ASAP! I love driving. (Hehehehe! Don't ask why. :PPP) Next, I would have to find a job to occupy myself during the 3 months' break. And then... I think I would have to kinda read up a little bit on the MD program I'm going to go through, Insya-Allah, either MD UKM or MD Ireland. Both would be fine. :)

   Apart from all that, I would also want to spend a little bit more time on myself. To get to know myself better and improve on some of my weaknesses. Yes, I totally admit that I've got weaknesses too okay. Nobody's perfect, remember? Fixing-myself in progress. Insya-Allah. :)))

P/S : Good luck with your free time at home, peeps! ;)

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