Tuesday, 31 May 2011

To work or to not work? Heh? =.='

Okay. Duhhh. We'll start off with a not-so-good-morning. I'm kinda frustrated. Reallyyyyy frustrated! Frustrated that I've placed my whole heart in finding a job for the past few days, and finally when I've found a perfect job, finally got hired, POOF! I have to call it off last minute, because my parents do not allow me to work for the meantime, plus all the other excuses etc. FED UP! =.='''

   Lets seeeee. If I wait until next Monday, when the results are out on 6th June, and only then find a job, will I get a good opportunity? Will I get a perfect job to fill up these 3 boring months? Only God knows. Hurm. =/ Hoping that chances will await me soon. Insya-Allah. In the meantime, I might as well get my driving license fast. Haaaa. Lets be positive. Listening to our parents bring good barakah, yea? Okay, I'll be a little obedient this time around (until next week). Hehehe. :P

   So, the conclusion now? To not work for the meantime until next week. Haaa. That's the best solution I guess. =S

P/S : Good Luck Pre-Meds. Tomorrow IELTS results are out. And also, Good Luck for the interview and Sem 3 and overall results on the 6th of June. Insya-Allah, Allah will always show us the best path of Life. Lets pray HARD! ;D

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