Friday, 1 July 2011

The honesty straight from my heart. =)

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Today, I would like to let out my honestest opinion on myself. :)

   Alright. Lets begin.

First of all, I honestly am confused of myself at times. Sometimes, I am being the always-up-to-date girl. I socialize too much, yea I do, I admit. I always know it's wrong to socialize too much, it's haram in Islam, but I do not understand why I can't resist that feeling of continuing it. Sometimes, I feel my Iman is weaking, and sometimes it bounces back to be higher than usual. So, you could see how confused I am now, right? :S

   There are times when I feel of changing myself. A change towards the better. Being a better muslim. Controlling what I do and socialize in. But, there are times when I myself couldn't control my emotions and start doing the wrong things. May Allah show me the right path. Subhanallah. =/

   The point here is, I need some guidance on the right path, to enable myself to do the things in Allah's way, the right Islamic way. Insya-Allah, I hope to find a person who really can guide me throughout this life and live a blessed life to head to Jannah. Insya-Allah. Amin. May Allah give me the strength to change me. :D

P/S : This time around, I have higher faith and stronger Iman to be a little better. Thanks to the incidents of life this week, it taught me to be stronger. This post is sincerely from my heart. Let it speak for this once. :)


Anonymous said...

dear,..iman turun dan naik, tapi jgn biar ia keluar dari batasan yeh. to maintain our iman, always refresh our niat, selalu muhasabah diri, dan befriend with good people who always remind you of Him.=)

Icey 'Aisha said...

Insya-Allah. I assume this is from one of the seniors in Ireland kan? Haaa. Thank you. ;)