Monday, 22 March 2010

JPA's Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor. Day 1.

I took the bus, then the monorail early in the morning to HKL. I had arrived too early perhaps. Hahax. I was sesat for 30 minutes inside the hospital! Lolz. At last, I arrived at the main block and registered at the counter.

   We were told to enter the auditorium and have our opening taklimat. Guess, what? I met a couple of hot guys there! Ahahax. Being flirty again. XP! After the introduction of HKL and the speech of the assistant director, we were separated into groups. 6 groups that consists of 30+ people. My group consist of 35 people.

   First, we went to the A&E department. The MO, Dr. Azimah was really nice, and shared a lot of her experiences with us. She brought us to the Green Zone (Non-Critical), Yellow Zone (Semi-Critical), and the Red Zone (Critical). When we was in the Yellow Zone, we saw an unconscious woman getting stabilize by the doctors and medical assistants. And, shockingly, we saw and heard a woman screaming in the Yellow Zone Ward. Gosh! We freaked out. Hahax. That's what a doctor's job is, stabilizing emotions of patients. Lolz. So, guys, please don't scream at doctors while you are getting their treatments, put yourself in their condition, and think how you'd feel when people scold you in your face, while you are putting your best in saving lives?

   Later, after lunch, we were taken to the orthopedic clinic. Nothing much. Just visited a few orthopedic wards and saw patients with broken hands and legs. Can you imagine seeing people with metal inserted through their femur? OMG! It's so horrific! Ouch, ouch, ouch! >.

   Guess who I met? Mr. Umaas! Ahahax. My favourite Add Maths tuition teacher! :D

   Hope tomorrow will be more informational than it is today. Tomorrow going to Forensic, O&G, and Pembedahan Am departments. If we are lucky, we might get a chance seeing dead bodies, babies being delivered, and operations being carried. Hehex. :D

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