Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Short Story : The Story Of Sarah.

“A little bit longer, and I’ll be fine”. There goes another song from The Jonas Brothers. Sarah, a sweet young girl, had to find ways to keep her mind away from the tragedy that had took the lives of her family. As she is alone living with her aunt, she doesn’t have friends to talk to. Her aunt is always busy, managing her own business. She will always listen to her favorite music, whenever she feels lonely or sad. As it will release a little bit of the burden off her chest.

    It all happened in December 2, 2008. Sarah and her family were heading south to the airport. They were going to board the flight to Perth, Australia, for a week long holiday. They were all excited for the trip. But, unfortunately, it all ended in tragedy. They were hit by a truck, whose driver had totally lost control of the vehicle, on the highway. She was the only survivor of the tragedy. The driver was charged, but the fact is, Sarah won’t ever get to see her family again.

    Accepting the fate from God, she remained calm. She was a tough and determined girl. She had no other relatives besides her aunt, after she had lost her family. From that day on, she knew that she will have to live independently on her own.

    She worked hard to pursue her dreams. She had luck on her side, because she was accepted into the one of the top university in the world - Harvard. She took up law, and she became one of the best law student in the world. Upon her graduation day, a big law firm in UK offered her a job, as an apprentice. She knew, that was the chance for her to shine. Without any doubt, she accepted the offer and started working in that very firm, immediately a month later.

    Year by year goes by. Now, she is one of the most influential lawyer in the UK. She married a British neurosurgeon. And now, she has two children. One named Ben and the other, Alexa. She is now living very happily, despite the lost of her family years ago.

P/S: This is a random story I started writing a couple of months ago. Now, it's finally ready to be posted! :D

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