Thursday, 25 March 2010

PPKSD HKL Day 2 & 3.

Sorry for the late update. I was too tired to blog. Lolz.

DAY 2.

   My group visited the Pembedahan Am department. Nothing much to see. The surgeon gave us some elaboration on the pathway of becoming a doctor and how LONG it takes to become a specialist.  Lolz. He also told us about his experiences during medical school and his housemanship years. After that, Sister Mah gave us a brief story about her children dreams and ambitions.

   Next, we went to the forensic department. Fortunately, there were a murder case. An Indian guy was assaulted by 6 persons and a post-mortem had to be carried out. Once we entered the room, I could really smell something strong and it gets stronger as we stayed longer there. Gosh! I won't ever forget that smell, dude! Ewww. Felt like throwing up! There were a couple of medical students doing their practicals, a forensic officer taking pictures, and doctors. First, I saw the brain. Then, the intestine and the lungs. I even saw the tongue attached to something, perhaps the trachea? I'm not sure. The head of forensic was a little fierce, I must say. He should chill a bit. :P

   Last trip of the day : Obstetrics & Gynaecology department. Hoping to see babies, unfortunately I didn't get the chance. My group was split into 2 groups, the other half of the group went to the second floor's ward, and I was in the other half of the group who went to the first floor. So, they were lucky to have the chance to see and even, touch the babies there! We were so tired in the end of the day, that we didn't have the strength anymore to ask questions. Lolz.

DAY 3.

   We were asked to arrive before 8am, but the thing only starts at about 8.45am. So, we had to gather and stand in the hall for 45 minutes. Lolz. So, on this day, that is our last day of the programme, we went to Outpatient Clinic. In only about 1.30 hours, we visited a lot of the sub-departments in the department. The most interesting one has to be the diabetes care center! The consultant was so nice and friendly. But, we only get to hear her explanations in a short time only. I have to thank her for inspiring me to be strong and teaching me to keep that smile on my face always, although there are some hard times that we had to go through. I can see that she's a very passionate person, and I wish I'll have the chance to talk to her again. :D

   We entered the auditorium next. Filled up the feedback form and handed it to the group leader. After that, we were given a break and were told to be back by 2.00pm. After early lunch, my friend and I decided to do our own touring to our favourite departments for awhile. Hehex. I went to the ENT department, trying my luck and hoping that I could watch doctors treating ENT patients. Sadly, I didn't get the permission and was ignored by the MA persons. But, at least, I've tried! :P

   My friend was interested in Oncology, so we went to the Radiotherapy & Oncology Department. Apparently, one of the radiotherapist there helped us out and did a bit of his "boring" elaboration on oncology. Lolz. What we wanted to know was just, how does the life of an oncologist is? Duhhh. By the time we head back to the auditorium, I was freaking sleepy already!

   The closure of the event was a hilarious one. A lot of fun was in it. Dr. Ding, was fun and so was the speeches from the group leaders. I'll miss you all friends! The day ended with us exchanging fb and numbers. Lolz. :D

   Hope to see you guys in the interview session at Putrajaya soon. Hope I'll get it and could get through it. :D

P/S: Sorry, that the pics are limited. This is because, I was too busy going here and there, until I forgot to take photos. :)

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