Sunday, 28 March 2010

Still waiting... Getting boring and more boring.

I'm still waiting for my apps of scholarships to be responded to. JPA on 29th, which is tomorrow. Insya-Allah, I'll get the chance. Hope to see my friends, especially the new HKL friends I've met at the programme. :D

   Petronas is kinda ridiculous, asking for an IE 6.0 and above for its apps. God, I don't have IE on my Mac. Haish. So, ma fan! And they didn't even inform us when will the list be available for checking. Duhhh. And 5 other scholarships. Lolz. It's hard for me to even remember what I've applied for, now, I've to check one by one, everyday. Thank God, I have a small note book that acts as my little reminder. Hahax. :D

   Hope to get good news tomorrow. :D Insya-Allah. Amin. :-]

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