Friday, 19 March 2010

5 Days Programme at HKL!

Actually, at first, I didn't even remembered today was the date to check on JPA's update on the Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor. Lolz. Went to McD Ampang Point in the morning, then to CC (Cybercafe), to settle the Petronas scholarship which ends today! Last minute work, don't blame me! Blame this MAC for not having an IE 6.0! Duhhh.

   Anyways, one of my friend text me and asked me whether I did get a place for the program. Thanks to her for reminding me! :D I quickly went to JPA's website and checked the name list. Alhamdulillah. The first word I saw in my application list, was TAHNIAH! OMG! So, I downloaded the Surat Panggilan and printed it with all the other stuff. My friend didn't applied for JPA. But, she did applied for MARA, tough. Friends keep asking me, "Why apply for JPA and not MARA?". Hmm, I guess, I just want to try my luck on the best scholarship I could get my hands on. Insya-Allah. I believe, I could get it! :)

   Now, I can't wait to attend that 5 days programme at HKL. I came across one of the scholar's blog about the programme's content. We'll get exposure on a Doctor's job in hospitals and a tour will be given to us around the hospital to almost all the departments. By the way, I chose HKL, because it's the biggest government hospital and it has the most complete facilities, compared to new hospitals, like Hospital Ampang. What's more important is, I think, HKL has more daily cases, which could expose me to such environment and help me to decide better in taking up a doctor's career. Hope to see familiar faces there and make some new friends. Who knows, one of them might end up being my roommate (Not a guy, of course!). Hahax. Insya-Allah. :-]

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