Thursday, 25 March 2010

Confidence and Faith in myself.

Seriously, before the programmme started, I was 70-30 about choosing the field of medicine. On the second day, I was losing my faith even more, it was 50-50 already! The third day, the last day, had really made me gain my full faith and confidence back. All thanks to the diabetes consultant (I forgot her name XP). And not forgetting my dad and my friend, Farah! Thanks for helping me regain my confidence and faith back! :D

    Now, I am really determine to be a responsible doctor and next an ENT specialist! Like all the doctors said, it's all about giving and not hoping for any rewards. Helping people with your warmest sense of sincerity. Yea, I know doctors have to sacrifice their lives to the patients. But, for the good deeds(pahala) and barakah, I wouldn't regret choosing this path of my life. If only, I don't get scholarships to pursue my studies in this field, I'll accept it as my fate. I'll go with my second choice and third choice : Mechanical Eng and Economics. It's not that I'm indecisive, I have 3 main choices of field that I'm interested in. This is the system I call as, the backup system. In case that I don't have the rezeki to do medicine, I'll do either Econs or Mechanical Eng. FYI, I'm a freak fan of F1 and I love Econs since form 4. Lolz. :D

   So, let's hope and pray this 29th of March, I'll get the interview call and next, I get the scholarship. I want to start studying as soon as possible. Miss studying so much! :-]

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