Thursday, 18 March 2010

Outings and Hang Outs of the week! :D

Tuesday, 16th of March. Went out with Nab to celebarate her birthday and Geraldine's, her friend. Sunway Pyramid was the venue and we had a lot of fun!

At first, I thought I'll be boring hanging out with my sister's friends, which are younger than me by 3 years gap. It turned out to be an awesome one. Hehex. :D Despite of their young age, I could really see, how mature some of them think and plan stuff. I do feel that some of them will be somebody one day, as a great leader. Hahax. :P

So, they went ice-skating, then archery, after that steamboat. Lolz. I didn't skate, because I knew it will be freaking boring skating alone. Lolz. But, the archery was really a very fun experience, doing something once in a lifetime. Hahax. Now, my biceps muscles are in PAIN! Before that, I went to the arcade center beside TGV, and played my favourite game, car racing! Hahax. I won!!! Hahax. :P

Now move on to another hang out I went to. Hehex.

Went to Times Square yesterday, 17th of March. Hung out with my classmates of 5SB. At first, we wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland. God knows, the tickets for the whole day were sold out, except for 11pm in the night?! Duhhh. So, we decided to change to Confucius. Lolz. We are Confucians, watching Confucius. Hahahax. XD!

I thought the movie were going to be boring, but it turns out to be inspiring and it touched my heart! Tears were running down my cheeks and Teong Geng's too. Not sure whether the boys felt it the moments of sadness from the story. But, honestly, if you don't know even a little bit of China's history, you won't understand the movie much. It's all about philosophies' of Confucius, 孔子, and his experiences before he gave up being involved in the politics. After the movie, we went for a yam cha at OldTown. :D

I think that's enough for the meantime. I'm partially broke already! Lolz. Going to have a vey busy weeks ahead. So, I think I won't be able to do this kinda hang outs more often anymore. Good Luck guys with your future! :D

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