Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day 6 - What have you got planned for the next five years?

Sorry for the late update. Hehe. Was kinda busy with those extremely HEAVY workloads. With a presentation to work on, an AnaPhys quiz to revise on, a practical lab test to deal with, AnaPhys drawings to finish up, Physics tutorials and THE MOST IMPORTANT thing ever - the Irish Admission Essay and preparations for the interview this coming March. Hell yeah! I'm stressed out again. Duhhh. =.=' Anyway, lets set those stresses aside and get going with the challenge. DAY 6! :)

University College Cork, Ireland. =)

   5 years. This is not a lengthy period of time to me. Insya-Allah. If I am fated to pursue my studies in Medicine, I'll be graduating that time around. Insya-Allah, AMIN. =) And if I have the chance to study in Ireland, I've been living and studying in Ireland for 2.5years and I would most probably be finishing my clinical years in General Hospital of Taiping 2.5years after that. Insya-Allah. Praying hard everything will go as planned. We humans could only plan and pray, Allah decides it all. Insya-Allah. I'll only hope for the best. =)

Ninja Doctor! HAHA. xD

   I wanna be a Ninja Doctor. Hahahaha. Nah, just joking. :P After my HO and MO, I aim to specialize in ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat). It has long been my target specialization area. Insya-Allah. Dr. Nur Azizah 'Aisha! ;)

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