Sunday, 6 February 2011

I've LOST that something in ME. ='(

I feel EMPTY. Very very empty. My heart seems to have lost that little something. Something crucially important in life. I just can't seem to figure what is that "something". I'm really really down these few days. Normally, outings and hang outs will at least elevate my mood. I've been out of the house almost everyday now, spent time with my sisters and parents. Up until now, my mood has not improved, and I think it has worsen instead. I just am LOST in my little world, i guess. =/

   Sometimes I just feel I've lost my direction and purpose of life. I feel strayed. Now, I need Allah the most. Owh please God, guide me through this hardship. I'm totally lost. I've no mood to do anything at all. I'm just LOST! ='(

   And, normally crying does help me a little bit. Now, it doesn't anymore. I want to talk to someone, but, I guess, I should just keep it to myself for now. I big enough to handle this, I think. Hurm. ='S

P/S : I really need some motivation now.


Afiqah Azman said...

now now kak long.
what seems to be the problem here?
adik and mak kan ade..

Harishah Halim said...

kita pernah jugak rasa macam ni. then, kita cerita kat kawan baik kita. dia advise suruh check semula solat. sbb solat tu mempengaruhi hidup kita. elok solat, eloklah semuanya. so if dont know where to start to find what is missing, correct ur solat. insya Allah u'll find the way. :)

iCeY 'AiShA said...

Fify : U are sooo far away! Sob Sob! =(

Harishah : Hey. Thanks for the advice. I guess it's true. Solat. Yea. I'll try to correct it. Insya-Allah. Thank you very much! :)