Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day 7 - The most AMAZING thing to ever happen to you.

Actually, I don't quite get the challenge question. I'm confused. "to ever happen" is something you expect to happen or something that has already happened? Heh? O.o!

   Whatever it is, I'll just do both. Duhhh. =D

   I'll start off with the first meaning. Something AMAZING that I really wish to ever happen to me : IRELAND of course! ;) I wish I could go through the interview with satisfaction, and get hold of that golden ticket to study in an Irish university. Insya-Allah. AMIN. =)

   This second one is going to be about my friends! Specifically, my PASUM friends. They are the AMAZING people I met. =D Its not that I don't appreciate my Pre-Meds pals, its just that I love my PASUM friends so much! And I do miss my life in PASUM. Yeah, I'm not good in moving on with life, I'm still stuck in that UM comfort zone. So what?? Who cares? I don't! Duhhh. :P

   What's so amazing about PASUM and my friends over there? Let me tell you! Firstly, I love it that they don't judge people. That's the attitude I've been searching for, and I've found my group of friends who are nonjudgemental. Although I was with them for only a short period of time in UM, I did not choose to lost contact with them and I've known them for more than 8 months already now. Distance can't tear us apart, friends! ;)

   Secondly, I love the "teamwork" spirit you all have got there. Perhaps, all of you have got a strong AURA. Hee. I miss those moments where we all hang out late at night after dinner, doing our tutorials and revisions together at the cafe. I just miss you all!!! And I miss tasek KK12 too! HAHA. =')

My bestie! I love her! <3

Yeah! They are a bunch of crazy people. HAHA. But I love them! ;P

Abang2 sekalian! Haha. :P

Weeeeeeeee. =D

KAYAK!!! Owh Mus! Aku touching dgn kau ah! Haha. Tanak jumpe aku kan? Duhhh. :P

Owh. I miss DKU! :)

My tutorial-mates P2!

Things aren't the same anymore huh? =(

We totally had fun :)

My board. :)

Last day at PASUM. VANDALISM! :P

I miss The Weekenders!

P/S : There's a lot more pictures of memories in PASUM, for this meantime, I'll upload these first okie? Too much photos. Haha. :)

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