Sunday, 20 February 2011

WHEN the pieces don't fit ANYMORE!

When that doesn't work no more.
When the conversations aren't that exciting anymore.
When that spark isn't there anymore.
When people don't care no more.
When you don't seem to take it seriously anymore.
When yesterday weren't that important no more.
When those dates was not in your mind anymore.
When that person is no one special to you no more.
When feelings starts to not grow anymore.
When a text isn't that important no more.
When someone is not important in someone's life anymore.
When that daily routine is not there anymore.
When no one is there to catch your tears anymore.
When the presence does makes a difference no more.
When that particular place or time makes you happy no more.
When remembering someone makes you feel energetic no more.
When there's no one there to lift your spirit up anymore.
When there's returning back no more.
When 7 days aren't enough no more.
When those aren't your priority no more.
When those craziness strikes no more.

Dang. I'm crazy! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. =S

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