Friday, 25 February 2011

Wosh. Tiring, yet FUN! =)

Sorry for not updating the challenge thingy. Hehe. Been busy with outings these two days. Hehe. :D

   Wednesday night, celebrated Bro Hilmi's birthday at RZ restaurant. The hyper-energetic mood suddenly came into me that night. Hehehe. Whoever got the "special" balloon blast treat, no hard feelings okie? I was just trying to make the party more alive! Huhuhu. Alhamdulillah, all the Group E members were present. It's not that easy for everyone to gather like that in an event. I'm SATISFIED! Thanks to the organizers. I really love my groupmates! =D

   Yesterday, immediately after Anatomy & Physiology Lab, we all went for an AWESOME outing. Bowling, Pizza Hut, Movies and sight-seeing around Penang Island. All done in cars convoy. Heeee. I'll surely miss those great memories. Although it was tiring, we definitely had FUN! ;D

   By the way, I've not done my revisions for the past two days. So now, I better get some sleep and start my revisions ASAP. :)

Thought of the day : Yes, we may make comments or maybe constructively criticize our friend, but NEVER JUDGE the way they behave. Because, they are who they are. =)

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