Sunday, 13 February 2011

I'm serious! Crying makes me stronger! =')

Tomorrow I'll depart from KLIA to Kota Bharu and Wednesday flying straight back to Penang. ='((( I'm freaking sad, dude! Sad to leave home and head back to Penang. To that dead town called Kepala Batas. I just don't feel like returning at all. As usual. Duhhh. =S

   I'll miss the classes on Monday and hopefully I'll be able to attend evening classes on Wednesday. Insya-Allah. Owh God. Why does the feeling of not wanting to let go always defeats my mind? It always do! I get attached to things too easily, and sometimes letting go may be the last thing in the world that I could do. Aishhh! =.='''

   Thus, crying is all I could do. My coughs and runny nose aren't getting better. I'm stubborn, yeah I am. I refuse to take in medicine. Hehe. Let me be, okay? Medicines complicates my body systems. So, I just hate them. Yeah, I wanna be a doctor, but no medications associated please? :P

Life is a game of a picture puzzle. Once you combine those missing pieces of puzzles, you'll get the real picture of it.

 Insya-Allah. I hope I could find those missing pieces. Hope so....... =/

P/S : Please take care of my heart and feelings, please? Thank you. ILYSM.

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