Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 8 - Your BEST FRIEND. =)

Woooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! How the *hell* am I going to answer this challenge question? Duhhh. =.=' Honestly, this is again a sensitive question to answer, as it may hurt other's feelings. Zzzzzzzz. =S

   So, I'm going to remain neutral and say : I AM MY BEST FRIEND! Aisha is Azizah's Best Friend. Fair enough??? Heeeeeeeeeeeee. =D

Weee. I'm a Taxi Baby! ;P

My favourite shoe is My best friend! Haha. xD

   I have thousands of acquaintance, tonnes of  friend, many good friend, and quite a number of bestie all over the place. So, you can't possibly expect me to just give a name here and hurt the other's feeling right? To cut the crap short, I am my best friend. Tadaaaaaaa. I understand myself best, I comfort myself best, I do things with myself best, I make me happy best, I never hurt my feelings and I love myself so much! ;)))

P/S : This is done, to be fair to all my besties out there. ;)

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