Monday, 26 April 2010

2010 Firsts.

This year I've experienced/went through/got my first :

- Job as a Data Entry Clerk at Kelly Services, Menara Celcom.
- Job as a Tele-Surveyor at Astro, TPM.
- Salary.
- Overwhelmed by SPM results.
- Interview session with newspaper reporters. (SinChew Daily :D)
- Online applications on scholarships, that made me partially crazy!?
- Official visit to HKL under JPA's programme.
- Seeing a dead body going through post-mortem! Ewwww! +_+
- Interview at PICC, Putrajaya.
- Freedom of hanging out with friends. Lolz. My parents are strict! =<
- Official use of my own handphone. Finally, I've got my own Hotlink number. :D
- Massive shopping!
- Baby-sitting moments, when I've to take care of the house-work at home, while my parents were away, outstation! (That's when I started to really appreciate my mum!)
- Knowing friends from all over the country. Nice meeting you all. Love to expand my social network at all times. :D
- Acted as a consultant to my friends on what to do next. Lolz. #.#
- Lessons of self-learning German language on Youtube. Ahahax. Love Seb!
- Excessive craziness of obsession of F1, RedBull team, Sebastian Vettel!
- Hate Lewis Hamilton, although he is a good driver, risk taker.
- Eye-opener towards the REAL WORLD and LIFE. :D
- To finally, learn how to control myself from doing stupid, childish things. Lolz.

That's all I think. I'll add on later, if I remember of any left outs. Hehe.

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