Tuesday, 6 April 2010

JPA Interview Update. :)

5th of April 2010. Arrived at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Presint 5, at 8 am. It actually went well, much better than what I've imagine it would be. Alhamdulillah. Insya-Allah, I'm quite confident and satisfied with what I've given them, because I've did my best! Hope those few mistakes I've made will be a lesson for me to improve myself for the next interviews. Insya-Allah. :D

   As soon as I got at the mezzanine (M) floor, saw a lot of the students gathering at the board, so I decided to go to the board, and see which panel room I was in. On my way to the board, met Xiao Ching! Aww, miss her so much! She went in first, as I had to find my panel room. Feeling nervous, at first, I didn't managed to find my name. Lolz. I double check again. And, aha! There was it, Nur Azizah 'Aisha Binti Ali Ahmad Noordin (my name wasn't the longest one there, I think), under Panel 12, signed it and yay registered! As I was going to the boards, checking out my name, I saw Maisarah with her mum!

   Anyways, after that, I went into the place where the panel rooms were situated. I could feel the coldness of the rooms there. Lolz. Kept walking, until I found my Panel 12. Went to register with the lady on the front desk of the room and waited for her to call us for the interview. Meanwhile, as I turn to right, I saw Xiao Ching again and sat beside her! She was on Panel 14. Chit-chatted with her and several other friends, mixed around a little bit, to ease the nervousness in ourselves. A good way to reduce the tenseness before heading into the panel room. :D

   At about 8.30 am, the sessions started. The first batch of my panel has already entered the room. Approximately, an hour later, it was our turn. The 5 of us, 2 Malay boys, 2 Malay girls (including me), and an Indian boy, were given our number tags and a piece of paper. I was number 4! We had to wait for about 15 minutes, as the panels wanted to go for a break.

   Finally, the moment has come! We were asked to enter the room. Said good morning to the panels. 3 panels, 2 Malay ladies and an Indian lady. At first, I thought they are going to be 3 fierce and strict ladies. But, they turned out to be quite cool and made a few jokes.

   The session started with us, introducing ourselves, one by one in English. Name, siblings, parents occupations, and our hobbies/interests. My answer? Nah. Better keep it to the people who was in the room. :P! In the introduction part actually, I made a mistake. But, never mind, I believe I had escaped the trap. After that, we were given our questions. The first was in English and the second was in BM :::

1. What is your expectations from the government after graduating from medical school and working with the government???
Frankly speaking, I didn't really understand the question! I was the last to answer, because I didn't raise my hand. Probably I was still thinking about the question! XP! I answered, I know the 2 years of HO is going to be very tough. But, after that in MO years, it will be more easier. And that is where the time she SHOOT at me. She said no, that is not true. HO is when you are learning and being sent to big hospitals to learn. When you are a MO, you are on your own already. Maybe, if you are unlucky, you will be sent to remote areas, especially single men. You must look at the bigger picture! Owh god. One of the panels asked me, what do I want to specialise in (interested in ENT currently) and also asked me a little bit on Rhinitis, because I told them I was having Rhinitis. She asked me what preventives should I take to avoid it. So, I said, have to avoid dust, wear a mask when doing stuff like gotong-royong and make sure the ventilation is always there.

2. Katakanlah saya (the panel), ialah pelajar yang ingin memohon biasiswa untuk menjadi seorang doktor. Apakah nilai-nilai yang perlu anda, sebagai panel, lihat dalam diri saya yang melayakkan saya menjadi seorang doktor???
She pointed at me and asked me to begin it, maybe because I didn't answer much on the first question. I was a little surprised with that decision. So, I begun my elaborations. Saya berpendapat bahawa seorang doktor itu perlu berkeperibadian baik/mulia. Nilai-nilai yang perlu ada dalam dirinya adalah sifat bekerjasama. Kerana kerjasama itu penting di hospital. Selain itu, doktor perlu tahu membezakan kerja dan hal2 peribadinya. Tidak boleh mencampuradukkan kedua-duanya pada satu masa yang sama. This was short. Hehex. Then the moved on to the first guy, whom wanted to answer the question first. Hahax.

   After that, it was finally over! Yay! We were so relieved! Greeted all of them good bye and went to the Cafeteria to find my parents. Later, me and my parents went to somewhere in Putrajaya to eat (I don't know what place was it. Lolz.) But, before that I want to remind you all. Make sure your fuel is more than enough to go round the area, because only in Presint 9 in Putrajaya, there's Petrol Station! After that went to Hospital Putrajaya to visit someone, who works there. Secret. :x! I did took a lot of pictures, most of it was of myself. Ahahax. XP!

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