Thursday, 8 April 2010


Yeah. I didn't get the YTM scholarship, probably because my CCA wasn't that good. Hehex. But, I hope for other scholarships, I'll get it, at least I get to go for the camp or interviews. Insya-Allah, hope so. So, still waiting for JPA's answer. They said it will be out in around the third week of May, about 1 month after the interview is over. Yayasan Khazanah : 9th April, that is tomorrow. Yayasan UEM : 12th April, next week. Petronas : No idea. BNM & Sime Darby : Have to wait for either their email or their call. So, one down (YTM), waiting for the other 5 to respond, and 1 to give me their decision, JPA. :D

   Insya-Allah. Good Luck to all whom is applying for scholarships too. :D

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