Assalamualaikum. =)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Do you know who is most generous? God is the Most Generous, then I am most generous to mankind, and the most generous people after me will be those who will acquire knowledge and then disseminate it. They will come on the Day of Resurrection singly, like a ruler."

Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 93

Friday, 2 April 2010

Lotus Homecoming.

 Lotus GP Homecoming Event.
Pavilion, KL.
Tuesday, 30th March 2010.
    After Pavilion, I went to check out Pit Pulse by Petronas at Jln Binjai, KLCC. Hoping to see Bunkface and Schumi and Nico, it turned out that I arrived too early, so, I decided to just head back home, as I was very tired that day after standing from 1pm till 4pm at Pavilion, and walked from KLCC to Ampang Park. The next day, I went for a series of places again with my dad. Tiring week! >:o

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