Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ahahax. =D

The title is so random. =P

   Nothing much to say, lately. After the defeat of Seb and Mark in Chinese GP, I was a bit disappointed and heartbroken, again. Lolz. But, after awhile of rationale thinking, I am confident that they will catch up and win again in the next GPs. I have faith in them! Go Seb ^.^! No doubt their strongest competitors now are the McLaren team and the Mercedes team (and perhaps, the Ferrari team). Wait for RedBull's domination guys, watch out! As they are installing the F-duct onto their cars very soon. =P

   That was F1's update. Now, lets come back to my real world. I am currently waiting for the Matriculation letter from KMPk, and also waiting for my UPU application (and JPA too). Still in doubt on choosing between the two of them, but it all depends on what and where I get to do my Asasi (foundation). If I get to do Asasi Sains Hayat in UM, then, without thinking twice, I'll go for it, and ignore Matrics. :P!

   In the meanwhile, I am reading on a couple of good books, which I've borrowed from the National Library. "Reading adds knowledge to its readers, regardless of its types and classifications."- NAA. :D So, now I have to minimize my FB time and maximize my reading time. I stayed home since last Thursday, to save money and not going out wandering all by myself without any specific reasons, to cut it short - wasting time! I'm becoming a nerd, reading books and surfing the Net the whole day, in Japanese they call it, Otaku (オタク).

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