Sunday, 11 April 2010

Great. It didn't went well! :E!

It did not went well. Last minute decision. Not going to the Petronas EduQuest Camp. I really hoped I could go and at least get an experience of it, but all I could say is, IT DIDN'T WORKED OUT THAT WAY! For some reasons, I had to ignore the offer and turn down my excitement of going to UTP today. After all the preparation I've done, this is what I get. Fine, fine, fine. I know it is not fated for me. We plan, and Allah decide. Yes, I know. But, isn't it a waste, when you are offered to go for an interview/camp, and you turn it down? That place of mine could have been occupied by someone who is better deserving. What a waste! Arghhh. Frustrated!

   Now, I really hope that I could get other scholarship's offers and AT LEAST, try going through the interview. Duhhh. Still trying to cool down my anger and frustration. >:-(

   All the best to whoever that gets the chance to attend it. Good Luck!

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