Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ich Liebe Mich!

I'm currently self-learning German on Youtube. Hahax. :D  Picking up German to understand what Seb and Nico says on TV and their blogs. :)  By the way, having to learn an extra language could do you good, you don't know when you need it, but it really helps when there's "emergency". Lolz.

   Next, after learning the basic German language, I'll go for Arabic. I want to master it, to enable me to understand what are the sayings of Allah in Al-Quran in Pure Arabic, although I know I can actually read the translations in other languages, but it is more beautiful to be read in Arabic. Insya-Allah, I'll try my best. :D

P/S: Ich Liebe Mich means, I Love Me!

Auf Wiedersehe, guys!

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AviCenNna said...

Saya suka jugak blaja bahasa asing nie..sebab kita boleh train otak kita untuk cepat pick-up n cepat fikir..pastu bila dah blaja, rasa mcm nak sembang je ngan pak2 arab walaupun rojak..sbb best kot kalau dapat sembang ngan foreigner dlm bahasa diorang..juz a thought..

Ich bin Auslander und spreche nicht gut Deutsch..