Saturday, 10 April 2010


Got a call from Petronas early this morning, around 11 am. The lady asked me to check Petronas' website at 12pm. I tried, tried and tried a couple of times every hour, until I finally gave up at about 3 pm. Later, at 5 pm, I got a text from them, informing the application could be accessed after 8 pm. So, watched some nice drama on the TV and news. Thank God, Ching Yee was there to help me to access the application. I couldn't do it on this laptop, because it requires only IE 6.0 and above to be accessed. Lolz. I'm using Mac!

   So, now I'm staying up late at night, trying to finish and complete all the documents needed. And trying to scoop some information on the EduQuest Camp. I heard it's quite tough! So, it's this Sunday until Monday, 11/04-12/04. At UTP, Thronoh, Perak. Hope it goes well, like JPA. :D Insya-Allah. I'm sure there's like hundreds of geniuses attending the camp. :P

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